Founded in 2014, Zanzibar Paper Kraft is a privately owned and manufacturer of quality kraft paper bags, paper sacks, and specialty supplies. 

Zanzibar Paper Kraft operates today based on the guiding principles established by company founder, “Produce Quality Products at Competitive Prices along with Efficient and Dependable Service”.

The Zanzibar Paper Kraft team takes great pride in maintaining quality standards in manufacturing that reinforce our commitment to produce consistent quality, value, and services to our customers that have grown to expect.
As one of the first manufacturers and producers of kraft paper bags in Zanzibar- Tanzania, we produce a wide variety of quality paper bags, paper sacks, and specialty supplies used by a variety of markets:

• Food Service
• Restaurants
• Carry-Out
• Industrial
• Hardware
• Hotels
• Laundry
• Merchandise
• Packaging
• Pharmacy/Prescription
• Retail & more

Whether customers select from our extensive line of stock products or prefer to have us customize our products to promote their brand, they can be confident on Zanzibar Paper Kraft manufacturing processes combined with our quality standards ensure consistent high quality products.

Wholesalers, distributors, and customers – both in the Zanzibar, Tanzania and around the world – rely on the Zanzibar Paper Kraft as a trusted source for paper bags, sacks, and specialty supplies.

Contact us for all your bag needs.